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Working with you to better serve those who navigate the world differently to increase your customer satisfaction and retention.

That moment when you realize you just stuck your foot in your mouth and now don’t know what to do. #uncomfortable


You are not alone, although in that moment you feel as if everyone is staring at you. By learning how to ASK, you will go from #uncomforableComfortable. When we are self-aware, it allows us to be more aware of what is around us. You can gain skills to be more present, and then knowledge to better interact with those around you. If you are willing to be vulnerable and have determination, you can make the uncomfortable comfortable. Making the uncomfortable comfortable empowers you to have more confidence and empathy to work with others and in situations that place you out of your comfort zone. When we ASK, we break free from self-limiting beliefs and open up to success. You too can learn how to make the #UncomfortableComfortable.

Beth Gustin

Born blind, Beth knows firsthand what it means to perceive the world differently. 

She also knows a thing or two about adapting to living in a sighted world.


Beth was taught to never let her blindness stop her, which may be why her parents acquired gray hair early in life. Beth’s determination led her to attaining a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and Education. Because she has always been a go-getter, she also holds credentials as a a Licensed Professional Counselor, Nationally Certified Counselor, and certified in EMDR. Her combination of professional experience as a mental health therapist and personal experience living with total blindness gives her a unique approach to the world and others. She has a desire to educate others, and thanks both of her parents who were teachers for that.

Beth also talks, a lot, and is willing to answer almost any question from anyone about life with blindness and enjoys helping others achieve their goals. When Beth is not in the therapist world or speaking, she enjoys reading, making up song lyrics to fit her mood and spending time in nature.


About Beth

Talk Topics

Talk Topics

Empower Yourself to ASK.

Everyone has a challenge they live with whether it is visible or invisible. Most of us do not know how to communicate effectively to truly assist someone when it is needed with dignity and efficiency. However when we learn to ASK, we have the increased awareness, skills and knowledge to communicate effectively and efficiently. When we increase our own self-awareness, we create space to be more aware of others, increase our capacity to learn and can better discern situations and take appropriate action.


Through humor, insight, and examples, you will learn how to ASK. You will learn how to implement awareness, skills and knowledge to increase your communication to better serve others and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Making the #uncomfortableComfortable

This interactive workshop will provide a safe space to become vulnerable and examine your implicit biases and experiences with microaggressions.


Mindfulness activities, writing exercises, and sharing will be used to facilitate growth and increase self-awareness in this engaging and eye-opening workshop

Keep Your Foot out of your Mouth

In this interactive and experiential workshop, participants will learn skills and gain knowledge to more effectively communicate with others, while empowering yourself and those around you to ASK. Rarely will you insert your foot in your mouth again.


Through demonstrations, dialogue, and practice opportunities, you will come away with skills to positively impact those with whom you work



Jenn DeWall

Bonita Joy Yoder

"Beth has a gift of sight that goes deeper than the average person who sees physically with their two eyes. Her sight enables her to look at what is comfortable and uncomfortable and then deliver her message with a gift of humor that makes it fun to listen."

Bonita Joy Yoder
Audience Member

Donna Riccardo

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All Limitations are Self Imposed

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